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Why are we STILL talking about it??

Seriously. What did people expect? It’s not like MTV does music anymore. It’s all about the vulgar displays the desperate bids for attention from talentless hacks, the shock value is the only memorable thing about it (I guess). You rarely get good performances anymore. Just trash specticles from throwaway acts that will be forgotten next year (when the new “wtf??” comes out). And that’s what we’ve come to expect (and why I don’t watch).

But yes, I did see some of it, despite purposely avoiding watching the whole crapfest when it aired. Unfortunately I managed to catch the “highlights.”

So what did I think?


Yeah, watching former Disney darling Miley dry hump furries, slap butts, grind, and fondle herself with foam was a bit uncomfortable, but not unforeseeable. Come on, you knew this was coming. I guess though I didn’t expect her to be so…weird…about it. I guess the stuffed animals (also present in that depressing “party anthem” music video of hers) are supposed to represent her former “innocence” or whatever, but everything about it just looked so…last minute. It didn’t shock me or wow me in any way. She’s been acting “rebellious” for a long time (mostly on an extremely superficial level). From dressing weird and getting piercings and tattoos, to throwing around drug references and f-bombs. Yeah we get it. She wants to be seen as an “adult” (about as”adult” as Avril Lavigne). And sure, there are far, FAR classier ways to show you’re more “grown up,” but that isn’t the way of young Hollywood. Got to make a scene and ram it down your throat. subtlety is soooo 1995.

Also Nsync performed. B-oring. But hey, at least they ACTUALLY put on some semblance of a show. True, it was all about JT, but the choreography was nice and tight (they are still pretty good dancers). But overall it was pretty forgettable. I’ll give them props though for keeping their dignity intact and being professionals.

Speaking of which, I’m glad JT is doing well. He seems like a nice guy, can laugh at himself, and while I don’t like his voice or particularly care for his music, he can dance. And while I hate boy bands I have to say I also think it’s great that Nsync (unlike a well-known rival*ahem*) actually sang live back in the day. They were all known for being great dancers, so good for them  for not taking the easy way out and knowing the meaning of “live performance.” So I give them a little bit of my respect.

And I can’t say the same for some of their contemporaries. If you care about music, and really want to create art or just express yourself, then it would make sense to take your years of experience and go on as a solo act, possibly try something new. Why regress back to a manufactured sound and cookie-cutter image? But it’s not really about self-expression or passion. You find many of these former boy band members going back to their ready-made fans (in a desperate attempt to relive their youth) with their former group because it’s easier to do the same-old, same-old (even if the songs are “new”); so it’s never really been about the music for them. They want the attention and the fame. Instead they just look so pathetic and no one takes them seriously. Good for JT for being smart enough to break away.

And while we are on the subject, no, I don’t like Nick Lachey or Nick Carter. Nick Carter came from a fame-whorish, crazy family and proved himself time and time again to be a total douche (exactly like his parents and brother) in both his actions and interviews. When things got bad in his relationships, he hid behind his fans like a child. But he couldn’t hide forever and we now know what a washed-up, talentless mess he was (and now that his looks are gone no one gives two spits about him as a sex symbol). Thankfully the world has forgotten him. As for Nick Lachey, ugh. I think I hate him the most. For someone who is supposed to be so happy and secure with his new life with whats-her-face, he can’t shut up about his ex-wife. His pathetic post-divorce solo album was such a whine fest (that no one remembers despite boring them to tears). Did he do anything after that? Who knows? The only time you hear about him anymore is when he is grossly PDA’ing his z-list baby mama or trashing his ex YET AGAIN to some magazine. In fact, he is NOTHING without this. JUST MOVE ON! No rather, don’t. We don’t need any more of your crappy albums. In fact, keep whining like a pathetic man-child. You have nothing to offer the world. That’s why you and the other Nick had to go back to your stupid boy bands.

I wish Daft Punk had performed. That would have been worth watching. Good music from a good band. They probably would have put on a great performance. But then thats not what the VMAs are about any more.

But of course I’m sure you expect me to rant about Lady Gaga’s performance right? Actually….I don’t really remember it. Again, I saw clips of everything on the news channels and websites. I finally sat down and watched the main “acts” that were mentioned online. I know she opened and gave the usual weird display (something about paint and mermaids?), but it wasn’t a really memorable performance(maybe if she picked a THEME for once). But I gotta say, I did enjoy the song. The lyrics are bad (again, the usual) but I’m glad she admits it’s only ever been about placating her enormous ego.  However I did really enjoyed the overall feel of the song. While I don’t remember anything about her performance (seashells?) I got “Applause-plause” stuck in my head like crazy.

You know, if Gaga wasn’t so incredibly PRETENTIOUS in presentation (or just a down right copy cat) with her horrible music videos (and would pick a THEME and have a decent lyricist on staff) her stuff would be fantastic. I prefer “Applause” so much more to “Roar” (Katy Perry). “Roar” has a much better message and lyrics, but I hate the melody, vocals, etc. “Applause” is super catchy and fun and the instrumental is crazy good. Unfortunately for Gaga her stupid ego got in the way. Katy however, looked great at the VMA’s in her costume, her performance overall was solid, and she had an okay presentation (nothing really to write home about) but she had a clear theme and worked well with it. Gaga’s was forgettable (I still don’t get the sea shell thing).

Back to “Roar,” I know it’s a mega smash for Katy (and good for her) but I don’t care for it and don’t really get why it’s so successful. It isn’t groundbreaking in any way or exciting in sound. I guess maybe people are just so hyped for her upcoming album that right now they can’t get enough Katy. But I would have thought the same thing would happen with Gaga. Why isn’t her first single in the top five? Shouldn’t people be super hyped that Gaga’s coming out with a new album too? And Gaga’s song is much more fun, but maybe the lyrics were such a turn off, whereas Katy’s is yet another self-empowerment song (but is relateable to the masses)? Or maybe people are finally getting over Gaga’s self-indulgent bull.

And going further back to Miley, I’ve heard both “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball.” Both music videos were a mess of FAIL and screamed “look at me, I am so EDGY and UN-DISNEY!!!!” Wrecking Ball is okay as a song, but “We Can’t Stop” is the most Xanax fueled, sorrowful “party anthem” I have ever heard. It looks and sounds so depressing. Isn’t this the girl who did “Party in the USA”? Oh, that’s right, she is doing a complete 180 because she’s all “grown up.” Sorry sweetie, you have a looooooong way to go still. In fact, you’ve managed to regress. I’m not looking forward to this upcoming train-wreck.

But otherwise, *Yawn*