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New Hellraiser post coming shortly, but having finally had a chance to view last Sunday’s Talking Dead (and occupying episode) I have got to get something off my chest.

As is almost always the case, the last episode of Walking Dead was phenomenal. Walking Dead is quite possibly the greatest show on television right now (at least top five). But Talking Dead…meh. I’ve watched a few of these and in my opinion they just drag on. The host (Chris Hardwick) is great. He is obviously a superfan, asks thoughtful questions, and is very laid back and fun. The behind the scenes stuff (like facts and special effects), viewer questions, and the short sneak peeks, are all utilized well to get fans pumped for the next show. The “In Memorium” snippets are also okay, though I think that joke has long lost it’s luster. But my biggest gripe are the celeb guests. God, they are usually just so awful and totally derail the chances of having a decent conversation.

The last two were especially TERRIBLE. The week before we had to endure that bimbo Haley (or whatever her name) from Paramore, an angsty tween-centric band that is most famous for being on the soundtrack of the most mind-numbingly awful movie series that, by the way, is so anti-feminist that for Haley (or anyone else) to pretend she represents any semblance of “girl power” is such a joke; and now Marilyn Manson, who used to put out really enjoyable music, but came off on the show like a stumbling, mumbling, stoned moron. I could tell that even the host was getting a little annoyed or agitated with both of them (and that’s bad).

The whole point of the Talking Dead, is to provide an interesting (and sometimes amusing) conversational companion piece to the show, which can be successfully achieved by featuring guests who work behind the scenes and have the most intimate knowledge of the program (actors, producers, writers, etc). Having another superfan on the show to give the fans perspective is also a great idea, but it should just be one alleged superfan, not some pointless celebrity cameo by an incoherent moron or someone whom I doubt actually watches the show (looking at you, Haley, bet you wiki’d most of the episodes and only “watch” it so people think you’re cool and “edgy”).  Now having someone on like Kevin Smith would be an okay celeb guest. He is a huge comic book geek and no doubt read the comics and can provide a good contrasting point of view. A silly tweeny emo pop-rock singer can not. Who next? Miley Cyrus?

And Haley, learn to sit on a couch properly. Oh, I get it, you are such a “rebel” you have to put your feet up on it in an obviously uncomfortable, cross-legged style. Grow up, little girl. And Manson, I can (or used to) respect you as an artist (and have always heard you had a high I.Q.), but what the hell? Speak coherently, stop squirming like you are on crack, and stay on topic (“Activia?” Really?).

Here’s a thought: instead of bringing out a pointless A-B list celeb in a sad transparent move to boost ratings, why not stick to this formula: have two or three guests who actually work on the show (or act), and maybe one notable super fan. They will bring interesting insights and point of views to what we just saw, making the repeat that follows worth viewing.

Will definitely stop watching Talking Dead if this keeps up.