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I love fan projects. No Hollywood influence, no corporate bull, just sheer creative talent inspired by those committed to a project of love. Some may remember the fan film project, Silent Hill: No Escape, by the talented Nick Greenlee, which was a stunning, authentic presentation of the classic Silent Hill universe. It captured beautifully the ambiance of Silent Hill, and remained true to the original series in story content. It’s a real pity that it was never made into a big screen adaption so more could experience it. If you are a fan of Silent Hill, or just good horror, you can check it out for free on his site or Youtube.

It’s been too long since we have had a solid Silent Hill project on the ground, so I was delighted to find out today that another seemingly talented individual is now seeking to fill the void with his own take on the series. I am excited about this and hope to see some more work on it soon. Silent Hill: The Requiem looks promising, so check it out here! If you like it, be sure to show your support!

Off topic: ‘Tis the holidays so I have been swamped! However, be on the lookout for two video game reviews coming up, as well as a few seasonal rants.