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FIRST let me say I despise Perez Hilton, but I have got to applaud him for helping expose these entitled jerks. Weeks back, he posted pictures of who the Robinson’s REALLY are: a bunch of fronting preppy WASPs, THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of how they betray themselves on their crappy show.

Check out Perez Hilton’s post.

I’m seriously laughing at this though I should be weeping. I knew they were a bunch of fakes pandering to the most ignorant, proudly uneducated, and bigotted of our society; but I just didn’t realize how LOW they would sink to cash in on the same garbage culture that has transformed the History Channel and The Learning Channel into havens for the unwashed, conspiracy loving, white sheet wearing, red neck minority. I KNEW they were a bunch of dirty fame chasers, but to do such a complete overhaul of all that they are, to create such a NEGATIVE PUBLIC PERSONA in which they encourage awful (and borderline illegal/ flat out immoral) behavior, is just sick. It is one thing to be raised (aka brain washed) to be a trashy and bigotted person, it’s another to dumb yourself down to appeal to the most loathsome of our society.

I mean, this is a group of people that stood by and encouraged at least one member to deny the impact of the civil rights movement (according to him the Jim Crow laws weren’t a big deal), to stand before a crowd of older men and encourage them to seek out fifteen year old girls for wives (but only if she can cook), and to compare homosexuals to those who fornicate with animals. They portray themselves as obnoxious and dumb, without an ounce of class, and act as if this is something we should applaud. As far as I’m concerned, the only ones that find them likable and funny are pedophiles (or at the least supporters of child marriage, which is equally disgusting), homophobes, aggressive idiots, racists, and misogynists. So congrats A&E. Hope the (over exaggerated) ratings were worth it because that is now your audience.

The only reason I am laughing at all is because it would seem that they are well aware of how awful and stupid their viewers are, and enjoy mocking them (hint hint, viewers, they most likely think your trash too, and certainly wouldn’t break bread with you). As far as I’m concerned though they are just as scummy as their fans for encouraging such reprehensible behavior. And for what? To have their faces on nail polish and trading cards (how creepy is it to have Phil’s nasty face on little girls tees?). Yep, money sure can’t buy you class, but fame and fortune can make you feel entitled to having your own show (with zero criticism).

By the way, Phil and Sy, you know who are real martyrs? The gays killed in Uganda for simply existing. Not your cry-baby/whiney poser ass. But cheer up, you duck obsessed,unwashed, ugly freaks. Regardless of how you dress, you are still (and always will be) immoral, soulless, entitled bits of gutter trash, the whole lot of you. Just like your viewers who are too stupid to see through your terrible over acting and obviously scripted shows (because it tells them what they want to hear).

  You. Are. Garbage.