The last few months of my life have been so incredibly busy that when I have a moment to pause, I find that my mind completely shuts off, and unfortunately this blog has been more neglected than usual. As it is now, I seem to have a precious few weeks of fair few commitments. It is my hope to fill this blog with numerous new postings to make up for the next few months, when my time will be absorbed with school, family affairs, work, and some small form of social engagements.

As of right now, I have no less than SIX drafts that I’ve been meaning to finish (video game reviews mostly), and a friend has recently loaned me his nine film collection of KilljoyDemonic Toys, and Gingerdead Man films, which I may choose to post on (as I quite enjoyed most of the Puppet Master series – there is something to be said about cheesy, bad horror movies that laugh WITH the audience). Plus a few musings that might make decent posts.

However, since it appears I have a few followers, if there is something someone would like me to post on, I would like to try to accommodate them.