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Okay, so it occurred to me that in my poorly written review on the Killjoy series of films that I came off rather harsh on the series production company, Full Moon Features. Truth be told I don’t hate the company, but let’s be brutally honest, most of the stuff they produce is garbage (Exhibit A: Gingerdead Man, Exhibit B: it’s sequels). However, I do check in on their projects from time to time because I find some of their stuff quite entertaining (mainly when they embrace the schlock). And I will take damn near anything they produce over every single Spiderman and Transformer’s film (That’s right, drink it in, fanboys, I just dissed your over-rated faves. Let the hate flow through you.) Just about any Full Moon film is better than those big budgeted, over indulgent on CGI, Michael Bay drecks. Why? Because I believe that at it’s core, one will find some soul buried inside most features -DEEP down- there lurks a desire to experiment and provide the viewer with a decent story.

And while we are at it…

Dear Mr. Bay: It has come to the viewer’s attention that you watched a lot of He-Manish, testosterone fueled, script-by-the-numbers, cliché after cliché action films of the Eighties. We get it! You are a manly man of manliness. Your cup runneth over! (to use tired clichés you are so in love with in your films) We also get that the only reason your crappy looking, poorly-acted, half-assed directed films make any money is because you like to steal-err-“RE-IMAGINE” classic cartoons and themes from our childhoods (and mangle them) knowing that the fan boys will flock in droves to see ANYTHING that has the slightest bit of nostalgia attached to the names! Oh, and toys! Let’s make lots of TOYS! (By the way, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is going to suck what little life remains in that franchise…..yet will be a box office smash. You can quote me on this).

End Rant. Back to topic.

For those that need a bit of elaboration, Full Moon Features is a company known for making B-Horror films and series only, or at least that’s according to the Wikipedia write-up;, the reality however is most people outside the cult movie scene only know them for their Puppet Master series (and maybe Demonic Toys). Their films are often cheaply made (and it usually shows) and poorly acted. HOWEVER, I often admire their efforts at creativity (though usually misguided). I think this is what has afforded them a sizable following. And I can’t help but feel that the initial script for Subspecies, Killjoy 3, and The Puppetmaster had way more effort put into it than many films put forth by Hollywood today. And honestly, I can forgive a LOT if I feel someone put time and energy into trying to tell a decent story. For all the criticism, there are some good ideas found in a lot of their films, unfortunately there usually isn’t any supportive talent to carry the vision to a glorious finale. But for the record, having the Full Moon Pictures name plastered at the beginning of your film shouldn’t be the kiss of death for the viewer. That’s the name, “Gary Busey.”