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(aka it’s “4 AM and I can’t sleep again” post)

Films, films, films. A lot of upcoming films that drew my interest (and some my ire). Not to mention the much anticipated installment to a beloved series (pissed in the toilet, some would argue, by it’s own creator). There’s also some gaming releases I am immensely looking forward to, so let’s dive right in….

The Purge: Anarchy – love, love, love the concept behind the series but let’s be honest, the execution needs some serious work. The last one was a disappointment for many, but had some firm ideas behind it. Apparently this will be carried on in the sequel. It could be a fairly decent Redbox rental, but I suspect that like it’s predecessor it will have too many ideas and too muddle a story line to be the masterpiece it could be. Shame, because there is a lot of food for thought behind the initial ideas. A great director and script writer are an absolute must if this is to be a longstanding series with any staying power. As of now I expect the third installment (trust, there will be a third film) will be a straight to dvd.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Part Two, or whatever the hell we are calling this prequel – seriously? Are we really doing this? How many freaking prequels do we need to a story that shouldn’t have to be told? Is George Lucas somehow behind this? Where to begin? How about how over-the-top ridiculous nature of this films plot? Freaking talking ape militias weilding machine guns and leaping about among explosions? It just looks so stupid and with such awful CGI. How the heck did they con Gary Oldman into being in this? What a waste of talent. Do I dare ask how much money was put into this? And you know what I can’t figure out? You know that this is going to be a box office smash (you just KNOW this), but why? A bad movie can make money, okay, but a BLOCK BUSTER SMASH? Total killer to the original sci-fi masterpiece.

Lucy – this could actually be a decent film. It’s has a great lead and an interesting premise, though I wonder if the ending will pay off. In any event, it looks like a masterpiece compared to the other two. I do expect there to be a lot of pseudo-science shoved in there though, but at least this is an action film that tries to be entertaining, instead of a blah cash cow.


Zenith films just updated. Future Silent Hill projects contemplated. Check them out!


Numerous blogs keep harping on the upcoming Disney owned Star Wars films. As a Star Wars (movie) fan, I feel obligated to go see each film installment they come out. And yes, I saw all the prequels in theaters, feeling my soul die a little more each time. Never-the-less, my love for the original trilogy can not be denied, and like the mother of a serial killer I feel obligated to show some support (by at least being there for the parole hearing). However, I am so disappointed so many people are jumping on the hate band wagon already. At least wait until the film comes out. I’m going to try to remain optimistic, there is a good director at the helm, and no Lucas interference. Sure it’s Disney, which means it will be highly commercialized, but Disney HAS given us good films before. Classics even. Sure, many of them were cartoons, or cartoonish. Or musical. And filled with lots of cutsy imagery. And ham-fisted morality. And yes, I’m worried that it might wind up too….Muppet friendly….but maybe not.

I’m not convincing anyone am I? Well, I bet it will at least be better than Michael Bay’s latest attempt to crush our childhood with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film….which I will probably wind up seeing.

Damn you Nostalgia!!!