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So for some odd reason I am having difficulties posting new posts on WordPress, which is quite frustrating to say the least. But the show must go on and I am due for another posting. Luckily, there is a fun project in the works I am VERY excited about. No, this isn’t another post about Zenith Film’s fantastic efforts with his Silent Hill project (though please check it out). No, this is something else perhaps equally special.

“Project Vaulderie is a non-commercial project that aims to recreate the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines game to Unity. The goals we try to achieve with this tremendous effort are many. This game will be running in a more stable way with less bugs and glitch that our fans have wished for years, as we no longer use the outdated Source Engine as our gaming engine. Secondly, taking advantage of new features available in Unity engine as well of the new SDK tools planned along with it that allows anyone to mod it. Third, updating the game to up to date graphics and technology.” -P. V. FAQ

That’s right, some talented and enterprising fans have come together to create the “definitive” version of what would have been one of the best RPG games ever (had it not been rushed and unfinished). The main website features several dev blogs and videos to show their progress.

And let me tell you: it looks BEAUTIFUL!

“But there are already patches and mods that have been made by the fan community for Bloodlines,” you may say. Indeed, there are many wonderful patches and mods out there, particularly by the community over at PlanetVampire (check out Wesp5’s patches and the Clan Quest mods). Apparently though the Source Engine has severe limits (and is evidently a pain to work with). From my understanding, it is impossible (or extremely difficult) to create new skin, textures, enlarge or create new spaces, buildings, etc, as well as implement a multiplayer mode, which P.V. is keen to do. However, the Unity Engine apparently makes all this possible.

If your a fan of Bloodlines, you should definitely check this project out. Offer lots of encouragement, as well.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, visit this link.