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It’s October! It’s my favorite month, due in large part to hosting my favorite holiday, Halloween! Oh, how I wish I had time to give this blog the proper festive feel with numerous postings about my favorite horror films and games. But alas, it’s the same old story (school, work).

I have also decided not to go out this year. I will not be attending parties, nor will I be enjoying the numerous “haunted” houses, bars, factories, or farmlands that tend to pop up during this festive season. No, time and funds have drained me severely. I do not wish to deal with traffic, parking, drunks, loudness, etc. While I normally have a good time at such events, this year I am taking some personal time. I plan to order out, begin my night with some fun horror/dark comedies such as Satan’s Little Helper or Trick R’ Treat, and then tuck in for a horror gaming marathon. Something with atmosphere that will hopefully scare me silly, despite numerous prior play-throughs.

Now on to the real reason for posting. As I had mentioned previously, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines was getting the “definitive” update by a group of loyal fans. This project, Project Vaulderie, is a labor of love and commitment. It is purely on a voluntary level; which means no pay, but these dedicated fans want to see this game realized to its maximum potential.  I am a huge fan of the original unfinished masterpiece (glitches and all) and own a few patches and mods for the game. As I expressed earlier I was eagerly looking forward to their updates and can’t wait until it’s release. So I was doubly delighted to discover that my sister, the one who got me into this series, would be taking part in the project! She has the same love and passion for the game that I do, and I know she will do it justice! Her work will be mostly character animation and modeling, of which she is of course, brilliant at! Ecstatic excitement abounds!

Again, these mega-fans are getting no pay, no studio support, and must work in their spare time. If you are as excited as I am, please PLEASE show your support! Feel free to send an email or post on the message board thanking them for their hard work!

[Project Vaulderie site link]