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and shouted to the roof tops.

No one asked, nor wanted, any prequels/remakes of the following: Halloween, John Carpenter’s The Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien, The Shining, Star Wars, etc. All that results is a taint by creating an ugly, plot-holed, dirty stain on it’s legacy

And to whomever these idiots are that keep paying to see the fifty million sequels that results in these franchises, turning them into Hollywood cash cows insuring that they will continue to be cranked out in deteriorating fashion: you are helping to destroy a legacy. At least bootleg that crap!

Rob Zombie is a one trick pony. That’s fine, because perfecting the trick can turn a person from a novelty act to a master magician. But try mixing it up a bit, the schtick has gotten old.

John Carpenter’s The Fog is a classic. If you are bored while watching, that is because you are a boring person. And I can’t help you.

Seth McFarland is awesome but he is not in the league of Matt Stone/Trey Parker and Matt Groening/David Cohen/Sam Simon. Pepsi challenge that.

Adding pools with a free update still does not make The Sims 4 worth 70 bucks. Try again.

I’m a total film/music/book/blah snob/critic, even though my point of view is not any better than most. I will however, remain unapologetic because I am an annoying hipster.

Ghostbuster’s 2 was not that bad of a film. In fact, it was enjoyable. It was however unnecessary. Now that we have a decent video game, we can happily END the franchise. Seriously, DO NOT revive it, Hollywood. Murray has moved on. So should you.

Twilight is not a deep, well thought out, or entertaining film franchise. It is not a “saga.” It isn’t even considered a true vampire film. Plainly put: it’s garbage. It will be forgotten in 20 years. It is not, nor will ever be, a classic. That said, it’s alright to like it (gag), just don’t pretend it’s any good.

Also, Kristen Stewart can’t act. Period. She can’t act in anything. She is incapable of showing any emotion, or hell, any signs of life. Tommy Wiseau is a better actor than her. Adrienna Miles can act circles around her. Ever seen Troll 2? The entire cast on Troll 2 on their WORST day can out act her. K-Stew should retire, because most people are sick of seeing her. She is also not an intellectual, I don’t care how bored she looks at fan gatherings. She was also a terrible child actress, who I hear had to use nepotism to get roles. Her affair on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman (a film she ruined in the title role) just offers further proof (in my opinion) that she has never had a “good” audition. And yes, I am implying that she spends a lot of time on the “casting” couch. Bottom line, If she hates being in the spotlight, wants to do “serious” roles, blah blah blah, than she would quit acting in Hollywood films and take several classes, before turning to theatre, where she could actually show her “talent” without all the “fame”. But of course she’s not serious. Just an idiot. So she can stop her whining.

Also, Troll 2 is more watchable than Twilight.

Reefer Madness is one of the greatest things ever created by man. The other is caffeine.

The television phenomenon known as Twin Peaks is set for a revival. This will ONLY work if Lynch is on board. But even then, I doubt it will recapture the magic of the original.

I really miss Mystery Science Theater 3000. I love both Mike and Joel.

The “goth” chick on NCIS is freaking annoying. I hate her little cutesy act. Also, NCIS sucks.

Who are these people who think that Adam Levine is sexy? He’s a douche.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is better than the original Star Wars films. And I say that as a Star Wars fan.

Also Empire beats Return. Return beats Tower, Return is tied with Fellowship.

The Pirate’s of the Caribbean series would have been a million more times enjoyable if it just had Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush (and Bill Nye) running around playing pirates. That love triangle thing was tiring. No offense to the actors, but I wish the characters of Elizabeth and Will had been shoved into shark infested waters within the first five minutes of meeting them. And torn to pieces in five seconds. Then never mentioned again.

If you have actually read this far you deserve a cookie. Or a beer. Take your pick.

Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 not only embodies every essential element of superhero-dom, but is arguably better written and directed than any over produced, over blown, over budget, money whoring super hero franchise that has hit the theatres in this past decade in a shameful attempt to market toy lines.

On that note, I don’t care for Stan Lee. Deal.

Making fun of people who enjoy the Harry Potter, LOTR, and Hunger Games books, then talking about how great Fifty Shades of Grey is, makes you a tool. Also the Hunger Games was clearly influenced by the gritty Battle Royale, but modified for a more diverse audience (namely younger). Which isn’t a bad thing, but quite obvious.

Once Upon a Time and Beastly are among the most ghastly pieces of crap I have ever seen on television… that is not “reality” television.

The Walking Dead comic book fan boys need to stop complaining about the revised television show. It is not “woeful.” Truth is, they are just pressed that no one gives two spits about the comic books (which are actually very good), and yet EVERYBODY watches the show. Accept it and move on.

Attention, Cracked: I know plenty of twenty and thirty somethings that watch and enjoy The Big Bang Theory. In fact, I don’t know a single one who doesn’t. Bitching about it constantly is a turn off. Shut up.

Also, complaining about The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Nickelback, and/or Korn in every. single. music. article. is not just annoying, but makes the writer look like an obsessed loser. Focus more on writing decent music articles (for once). Thanks.

I also don’t need someone lecturing me on what makes a great video game based on the attention span of his seven-year old son.

I am a hypocrite.