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As some of you may already know, Project Vaulderie was tragically cancelled. There is a small chance that the leader of the project can work something out, but I haven’t much hope. As my sister was involved in the project, I won’t say much, other than it seems apparent to me that CCP Publishing would rather shoot themselves in the foot rather than keep the fans happy.Their greed will be their downfall, as this project would have made them money (no out of pocket expenses for them and you had to own the original game to play – win win) and helped revive a failing franchise. I can’t get over their hypocrisy and miserly ways, and frankly, I am done. And I think quite a few other (former) fans feel the same.

Here’s what we lost:

– multiplayer

– enhanced graphics

– smoother engine/gameplay

– more quests

– more customization features for your character

– expanded (and possibly some new) maps

– more havens and venues

– possibly new clans

– possibly different disciplines

*sigh*the game that could have been.

EDIT: Apparently, this issue caught the attention of a few online media outlets. A lot of fans are making the rounds showing their outrage and vocal support of the project. Here’s a few articles I came across:


PC Gamer


Also, a big thank you to Team Camarilla International for their support! You guys rock!

Maybe some good will come out of this. At the very least I hope the team at Project Vaulderie make their own vampire game. Too much talent to waste!

Their postings on the good fight and the infamous “Cease and Desist” letter:

Goodnight, sweet Prince…

The Untold Story