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The sharks featured in Jaws and the sequels are not officially named “Jaws.” That is a fan moniker. Also, it is a different shark in every movie. You wouldn’t believe how many idiots think otherwise.

Also, the first sequel wasn’t half bad. The director had to follow Spielberg. Tough break, but he did well considering. Jaws 2 also wasn’t any more unrealistic than Jaws. It’s basically what Jaws would have been if Spielberg could have made the mechanical shark function properly. The suspense in the first film was largely due to technical problems.

Same for Ghostbusters 2. While it is nowhere near the level of the first, it’s a decent (if unnecessary) follow up, with some really enjoyable scenes. Suck it, hipsters.

Westworld is an underrated classic and the inspiration for Jurassic Park. Science Fiction films in the 70’s and 80’s are the absolute best because, largely unlike science fiction in the 50’s and 60’s, they weren’t involved with space exploration, but instead man versus machine. Watching man create the perfect version of himself or the perfect slave, only to have it turn on him. Or dealt with post apocalyptic wastelands (man made, as is it’s nature). Overall, much more entertaining then watching a funny dressed, smug “space pilot” battle a ridiculous looking alien with an obvious backdrop. All science fiction films I have seen of the 50’s and 60’s are absolutely ridiculous, in both presentation and script. However, most science fiction films in the 70’s and 80’s I have seen that dealt with similar topics, hold up quite well. In conclusion, science fiction films in the 50’s and 60’s were cheesy and hastly made, which in turn failed to add respectability to the genre. Why it’s deemed the Golden Age of Science Fiction I have no idea.

Because it can’t be said enough, John Carpenter’s The Fog, Halloween, and The Thing still holds up extremely well. Also, check out his fun satire pieces, They Live and Escape From New York/L.A.


Katy Perry’s half time show at the Superbowl was pretty bad. One can have a family friendly show without resorting to childish exploits. To get rid of that stink, we need a decent rock act or perhaps Missy to headline the next.

I do find it hilarious that she is now suing people over the Left Shark meme. Her performance was so embarrassingly forgettable that a badly dancing shark mascot managed to upstage her. She’s so butt hurt that NO ONE remembers her performance so she is sticking her lawyers on everyone. What next, Katy? Are you going to sue Missy for being the real star of the show? I’ve lost so much respect for her.

Speaking of being performances, I thought the Grammy’s were decent this year. Of course little twinks are in an uproar because the amazing Beck won Album of the Year over 20 time Grammy Winner Beyoncé. Beck’s album was quite good (better than Beyoncé) and he is an actual artist. People try to argue that just because Beyoncé has many producers and writers, that shouldn’t disqualify her album to the committee. What they fail to realize is that the more producers and writers one has on an album, the less that album is about the so-called artist anymore. Beyoncé doesn’t write her stuff, she outsources big talent to do all that for her. As far as I am concerned, very little of her music even has anything at all to do about her. You could take that same team, put them on someone elses’ album, and have the exact same impact, because Beyoncé is incredibly overrated as an entertainer. But there is only one Beck.

Also, Kanye needs to learn to keep his idiotic mouth shut.

Also, SNL needs to quit ripping off Key and Peele. SNL still features a lot of talent, but they haven’t been truly funny since the 80’s and 90’s.

Shows you should Netflix: The Bates Motel, Sherlock, Archer, Boardwalk Empire, Better Call Saul, and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

All aboard the Satellite of Love!


Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence is one of the best pop albums I have heard in a long time. And yes, it’s better than Beyoncé. So why it wasn’t at least nominated confuses me.


Grand Theft Auto V is being milked like crazy! But that’s cool, since I love the game! However, I will wait until the Greatest Hits/Ultimate Edition to come out for the PS4 before I buy a single DLC, because there is no point wasting all that money. By the time I get out of school, get my first novel completed (finally), etc, time will have flown and it will have been released,  ready and waiting. I never waste money on independent DLC’s.  I keep busy, so when the complete edition is out, I can buy it for little more than the cost of a new game and enjoy it on a free weekend, without having spent almost $200  on the game AND 4 or 5 DLC’s (at about $20 a pack, it adds up quickly). For Fallout: New Vegas, I waited until the Ultimate Edition came out. That was all 4 major storyline DLC’s and four “stuff” packs, and I paid roughly what I would have paid for a new game, minus any DLC’s ($50-$65). I love Rockstar Games, but I am not about to shell out a small fortune for extra’s when the money can be used for more important stuff. I’m not some rich kid living in Mommy’s basement. I have priorities.

With that said, Rockstar, I am going to need something to spend my in-game money on beside properties (that I have to keep up) and vehicles (especially since I can only keep FOUR vehicles in a garage – seriously?).

By the way, if you find yourself restarting the game (as I have had to do since I am trying for 100% completion), invest your funds at the start of the game in Merryweather and LifeInvader stocks, then cash out before you do those missions. No money? No problem! There is a sunken submersible easily found off the coast of Los Santos that continuously spawns $25,000. You just have to dive underwater to get it!

Also, Rockstar, I’m still waiting for a special edition, re-release of Manhunt. Get to it already!

And that concludes my filler post of the month.