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I am sad to announce a real tragedy – Silent Hills is officially no more! I am so angry at Konami and the base in a way I can’t articulate properly at this moment. But let me try.

First, a big F**K YOU to Konami for putting together a brilliant team and then not giving them the needed creative space. Then scrapping it like little f**king b**ches.

Second, the fan base, particularly at Silent Hill Wiki and IGN. I bet they are just ECSTATIC with the news. They don’t care about the series, they just want some boring repetitious game to supplement their pedestrian tastes. Personally, to say that a Japanese director and team are the ONLY ones capable of making a decent horror game feels a bit racist to me. Not to mention the sh**ty voice acting we had to put up with over the years (not to mention the glitching, the repetition, etc). But this fan base, among the most pathetic I have ever encountered, don’t want a well known actor like Norman Reedus to do the voice work, even though he has experience and talent, no, that’s too much for their hipster capabilities. Not to mention they didn’t even know about the legendary Del Toro and his talents, and how he could have been a perfect match for the series.  They couldn’t even deal with the fact that an optional FP Mode would have greatly improved the intensity of the game play (immersion). Why, because they are idiots scared of change, even when things look like they can be improved. They want ot feel superior, as if they have all the answers, when clearly they suck at life. So they can go f**k themselves too.

Konami had the chance to really turn the series around! To make it something amazing again. All they had to do was step the f**k back. It’s like Downpour all over again. Some really great ideas, but shoddy game play messed some things up big time. Here we had talented, seasoned professionals to make something great. F**k you Konami!

I mean, just look at P.T.! It was wonderful! It felt fresh, it was challenging, it was spooky. Critics and players absolutely loved it!! It was a taste of wonderful things yet to come!

What we lost:

Guillermo Del Toro – award winning director, brilliant visionary. His resume speaks for itself. We would have had something psychologically dark and potent, with an excellent story. Not to mention some of his creature designs are amazing! But shhh, he’s not Japanese, so don’t tell the pressed base about this!

Norman Reedus – First off, if you haven’t been following The Walking Dead, which made huge leaps in terms of story and character development after the second season (it’s critically acclaimed by the way, on a well respected network known for its innovated story telling and great acting), then you might want to keep your uninformed opinions to yourself (looking at you Wiki losers). Second, he is a good actor, and has voice over experience. He certainly good beat out “faves” such as the sh**ty voice actors that did James, Harry, and Henry.

Hideo Kojima – pretty well liked by the critics and highly respected for his work on Metal Gear Solid. I don’t need to say anything else really.

First Person Point of View – adds to tension and scare factor, and has been used by both indie and big budget horror SUCCESSFULLY for YEARS!

Akira Yamoaka and Misahiro Ito possibly returning to the series (likely due to the rest of the team). If this had happened….

Professionalism (Guillermo Del Toro ALWAYS FREAKING DELIVERS!). A fresh story line. A focus on puzzle solving. Hell, a FOCUS on g****mn story telling!!

I am now done. I am so f**king done. I think I am officially over the franchise, and I f**king hate Konami!