So I just published another really negative post and have realize quite a few of my last posts were almost nothing but pure rants. That’s fine, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it, but I’d like to change the mood up a bit. I love talking about older games and am currently replaying a few. I hope to post something about them within the next month or two. I also realize there are a lot of drafts and unfinished posts (I’d still like to try to complete the Hellraiser series) that I’d like to work on. Unfortunately when school starts back up in the Fall, I will have ZERO time to dedicate to this blog (for at least four months), so this site will be on temporary hiatus, which is why I am hoping to have more stuff up before then (I always feel bad when I neglect this blog). Right now I am rediscovering several games from the 90’s and early millenium. Mostly PC games.

So, hopefully I will have another post up in the next few days (instead of waiting a month).