Lady Lillith resides in her Fortress of Solitude off the coast of Crazy Town, in the Kingdom of Apathy. Though her life is good, she suffers from sleep deprivation and is plagued with an abundance of stupid people surrounding her. Slightly anti-social, she finds the need to retreat into her Lair of Isolation and write on her thoughts and musings (mostly rants) in her insignificant little blog. She cares not for the popularity of her thoughts, nor is interested in the thoughts of others that don’t mesh with her own. She is not a word-smith, though she enjoys writing short-stories and poetry on occasion, and is delighted on occasion to use her “witty” barbs for Troll-slaying. She has a Masters in Indifference.

Disclaimer: All photos and videos posted do not belong to me unless specified. All are borrowed for entertainment purposes, and I do not claim rights to any of them (and try to give credit to the owner always). Also anything that I post that can be deemed of a salactious nature is based on my PERSONAL OPINION and is not meant to be treated as ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN OPINION. I do not endorse ANY action that would be made to harm or tarnish any business, person, or entity. This is a personal, OPINION based blog. If you don’t like it, too bad.

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